Would be nice to go back and enjoy good times with my mother

I honestly miss the days I used to be able to go run errands with my mother.

  • We would drive all over the place and get things from various stores.

Sometimes she would even buy us some ice cream on the hot days which was really nice. There was this one ice cream shop that was amazing. They always had the A/C system cranked up and it always felt so wonderful in there. Also naturally it would be more crowded on the really hot days. Even with the crowds though, they still had that A/C system cranking and the temperature control settings always felt wonderful. On top of that, the ice cream was never melting right away and their flavors were absolutely delicious. I think that’s why they cranked the air conditioning system all the time because they needed to make sure their ice cream remained entirely frozen. Whatever the reason, it was always comfortable and I even appreciated their excellent air quality. We didn’t always get to have that experience as it was kind of a rare treat, but it was still fun going out with my mother no matter where she wanted to go. There were times when we even would stop and have lunch at some of the cafes in the area. They didn’t have nearly as good temperature control settings as the ice cream shop, but they had pretty good food for the most part. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to enjoy experiences like that with my mother, but now I can only visit from time to time because I am always so busy with my family.

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