Neighbor saves my HVAC when he notices weird sound

I can tell you, I’m a bit deaf in my own right.

Not only am I audibly imparied, but sometimes I think my brain doesn’t work the right way, either. I make a lot of mistakes and miss a lot of important information in my life that results in bigger problems over time. That’s why I’m glad that my neighbor is one of the most observative adults I’ve ever met. I won’t catch all the details of life, but this ex-HVAC technician sure will. He has even taken me under his wing over the years in dealing with my household issues. I appreciate it because I’m not very responsible and I don’t know how household appliances work – especially heating and cooling devices. Meanwhile, my heating, cooling, and air quality device technician neighbor is kindly holding everything together for me and my HVAC system. I don’t know the first thing about Indoor air temperature control systems. I don’t even notice when they’re providing high quality indoor air or not. I can tell you that I’ve never had the wherewithal to arrange a single HVAC service without it being an emergency repair service. I never even performed my own routine air filter changes. Thank god, my neighbor knows when I need heating, cooling, and air quality equipment maintenance even when I don’t. He says his ears are super sensitive to the sounds coming from my HVAC system, but I think he’s just smarter than I am. I thought it was a gift from god when I finally got amazing indoor air quality… but god acts through my HVAC technician neighbor and his observations.



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