The fitness center was closed all day for furnace repairs

When I was in high school, I was fat and overweight. I had a poor diet and my parents did not regulate my snacks and junk food. I weighed 300 lb when I finished my senior year of school. I started college the following summer and I started dropping weight immediately. I didn’t have access to the same snacks and junk food and I had to walk everywhere. I decided to join a fitness center when they had a special for college students. I only had to pay $10 every month to use the gym every day. The best part about the fitness center was the fact that it was open 24 hours a day. I could work out in the middle of the night if I wanted to be alone and that made me very happy.I started going to the gym every single morning and sometimes in the afternoon as well. I was working on a great rhythm and then the fitness center had to shut down for furnace repairs. The fitness center was closed all day for furnace repairs. I tried to go to the gym in the morning and I try to go at night as well. There was a sign on the door that said the fitness center would open the next day after all of the furnace repairs were completed. I was very anxious since I didn’t have any way to release the energy inside my body. I went home that night and I ate an entire bag of chips and a half gallon of ice cream.

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