Winery shelves in addition to storage units all on wheels make attractive furnishings

My brother works at this custom furniture company, while I own a winery.

  • You would think that these two industries have little to no overlap, but surprise! There’s quite a bit of shared space.

I started out making wine in my parent’s basement – lugging around carboys, measuring spoons, sugar and yeast was a pain, but I finally got the wine production to the point that I could afford to have a building made for the wine. Manufacture and storage of my materials could be done alongside the wine making process in this place! Before I had anything set up or made, my brother called me up to tell me about her custom furniture building skills – more specifically, how they could benefit me and the company I started. Now, he was my brother and all, and while I wanted to support him, I did have doubts when I hired him to make some furniture for my winery. Surprisingly enough, he went far beyond expectations! My brother made wooden shelving units that were on wheels, which made transporting some materials much easier. The wooden storage units were the perfect size to carry several of these big jugs around in layers. While in transport, none of these glass bottles touched in any way! The unit being on wheels was so handy! I was always moving things around in the winery, finding more space in particular areas where needed. My brother custom built these shelves too, along with tables and some work desks that were all on wheels. Everything can be moved into the corners or along the walls! Each furniture piece is the same size too, so it fits perfectly on top of one another.

Custom made furniture