My heating and cooling situation.

The southern states tend to get hot and humid in the summer.

However, they don’t have “normal” seasons.

Sometimes it stays hot even in November and December. The south may not experience a “real winter” until January. Even then, its short-lived and the temperature is either hot or just pleasant. Typically in the winter it snows it northern states. Our western states tend to get hot like in the south, but it’s not humid. I recently spoke with a friend who has a daughter who lives in the upper part of a western state, and says the temperature during the spring and summer is about 60 degrees. I was surprised to hear this because western states are known for its hot temperatures. But she said her daughter doesn’t have to use her air conditioner at all. I’m thinking that’s nice, so different from the southern states! In the south, it’s hot and humid. Where I live, the energy bill tends increase higher than other areas of the U.S. because of the blistering heat during the summer. In fact, over the last several days, the temperature has been 100 degrees! That means the air conditioner has to work harder to give comfortable air quality to cool off the home. There are people in the south that opt to either use a portable air conditioner unit or set the thermostat between 78-80 degrees during the day to save money on their energy bill. I think it’s sad you have to sacrifice comfortable air quality to lower your bill. However, this is the reality of most households in the south.

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