Why should I not get a new furnace for the house?

I have a furnace that works absolutely well in our home, and I honestly couldn’t be more surprised by that! See, when I bought the house, I was kind of upset that the furnace was a bit too old for the house itself. Or at least, I felt it was too old. I wanted a lower price for the house though, as I felt it was something I’d need to replace soon. Fair reasoning, right? Well, now that I have been living at this house, I realized that that fear was completely unwarranted given what I’ve got from it over the years. My furnace worked well enough in the past, and I’ve never had to get any HVAC repair technicians in here to fix it! That might be due to the fact that I have an Heating plus A/C professional inspect our furnace bi-weekly, plus they make sure that our furnace will be absolutely working whenever the colder weather comes. Otherwise, I’m in trouble. Despite it working well, I’ve thought lately about replacing this furnace anyway. Hear me out! There’s some good benefits that would make an update for the furnace absolutely worth pursuing. New oil furnaces are much more efficient than the older ones like what I currently have. I can save a considerable amount of currency on my usual bills if I were to change furnaces! This daily cut in my costs would pay for the furnace in time! There’s also the fact that owners of newer furnaces get a tax credit. That’s all because the government prefers when the citizens purchase more efficient Heating plus A/C equipment! Whatever I decide, I know that the furnace I had for years has definitely earned a reprieve.

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