Why do they keep doing this

There is literally nothing more huge than getting a enjoyable night’s rest and using the good working cooling system in order to achieve this. I simply cannot sleep in the warm air. I’ve also gotten so used to the noise of a fan motor running that it’s the one certain thing that will lull me into rest. Some people seem to be able to rest up in any environment and under any reasons, with or without weather conditions control. I realize that I am super jealous those people, but that is not me at all. As an example, a hurricane knocking out power and it being the dead of summertime when it goes on ensures that I simply will not sleep while I was in a hurricane. I can’t sleep as long as the power remains out.The last time this happened to our home, I was utterly upset. Not being able to get a decent shower made it even worse. I would lay there at night, covered in sweat and smelly, all I could hear was the wind and rain blowing outside. With no working ac or fans to cool me down and keep me from sweating, all I could do is stare up at the ceiling and hang out in misery. At that stage, a small fan blowing in our face would be better than nothing, but of course the people I was with and I had no electric to make that happen. I distinctly think about the a/c whirling back on when the power would kick back on.

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