I am honestly freezing

When my furnace was having problems, I decided to ask my friend to evaluate the problem. Bill has been working in the HVAC industry for a long time. Bill and I went to high school together. After high school, I went into the military and Bill went to trade school. Bill is certified in the HVAC sciences, and works for a local HVAC dealer. I always call Bill when my wife and I are having HVAC problems. Unfortunately, Bill has been very busy at work. He hasn’t had much time to come to the house and look at our furnace. Bill was going to come over last weekend, but his son had a football game. Bill was going to come by on Tuesday night, but his wife had to work late. I know Bill is trying hard, but the temperatures are getting colder as each day passes. My wife and I are going to contact a city HVAC dealer. She is going to call in the morning, and hopefully they will be able to fit us in for an appointment. I’m going to call Bill later today, and tell him of our decision. I have no idea what problems are occurring with our furnace, but hopefully someone will be able to remedy the situation. The cold temperatures are slowly dwindling day by day. We have a terrible cold front on the way, and it will probably bring some fresh accumulation. I would much rather have snow then freezing rain. Icy roads and winter conditions make driving almost impossible during November and December. I’m glad to be retired, so I don’t need to drive in those conditions anymore.

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