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The new home I own recently went through a great deal of remodeling.  There are still particles of which seem to still hang in the air. The dust and debris seem to feel like a permanent situation in the air now.  I called the Heating and Air Conditioning professional to see what they thought I could do. They actually dropped by to chat with me for 30 minutes.  The air filter was the first problem. The Heating and Air Conditioning guy said I needed a much advanced grade of air filter. He also advised that should change it every month without forgetting to do so and that I get the air ducts cleaned.  I wasn’t so sure about how often to do that. The Heating and Air Conditioning tech said that with so much remodeling going on all at once, the duct plan could be compromised by the dust. I said I would take a look and call my local handyman if they were dirty.  The Heating and Air Conditioning person warned me of that idea. He advised getting a licensed professional to wash the duct system. Often, non certified people do more damage to ducts when attempting to wash them. The ducts can be improperly replaced or torn and disfigured.  The Heating and Air Conditioning guy also noted that sealants, sprays of chemicals can not be used to fix any gap problems. He advises me and others to have a licensed person inspect the ducts first. Before doing that it is best to get a written estimate for the job along with the details of what will be done to see what’s the best offer.  No offense to our handy man, even though I know I need to get a professional for this work to ensure that it gets done properly. I don’t want to spend money and have to pay double only to have the ducts be worse than they already are. I just want the dust out of the air so that I can breathe. I love the outcome of the remodeling but the dust and debris have to go.  I care about the professionalism and caring I get from our Heating and Air Conditioning corporation. I believe that their trusted advice will do the trick.

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