I do have a plan

If I find myself in a serious struggle with my finances, I think about what it takes to survive to make me feel better. You must have a roof over your head, as well as food on the table and a great heating plan to get you through the cold. I didn’t need any of the luxuries – not Satellite TV or cable, not some fancy range of kitchen appliances in my home, and not even a fancy heating system was needed! I had an exceptionally antiquated fireplace in my home that worked great, despite being decades old. I rarely had to hire the chimney sweep in town to clean my smokestack out, as I would burn the creosote sweeping logs weekly just to ensure the chimney remained safe and clean. I also had a gas furnace, though it was practically for show. I would keep it set to minimal settings throughout the winter, just so my energy bills weren’t overly high-priced! I had reliable transportation, and it certainly was eye-catching, but for all the wrong reasons. Still, my vehicle was legitimately a clunker, though I didn’t care how bad my vehicle looked. It got me to where I needed to go, and I mainly would just drive from home to work and back. For the most part, it seemed that I was always on survival mode! For TV, I just have a typical TV antenna to watch the local shows and the news. I don’t order out often, as I just get what I need at the store. The point of it all is simple – I get what I need from my simple joys, like being in my home and enjoying my fireplace.

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