A funny sound

Occasionally, I can find myself in a bad struggle with finance. I know I have what it takes to survive, but do most other people? For starters, you must have a roof over your head, then food on the table, and finally a great heating and air conditioning plan to get you through the seasonal weather extremes. Most of the luxuries in life are things I can happily live without. Satellite TV, cable, fancy gadgets – not even an expensive gas furnace is needed for me to feel fulfilled with life! I have this seasoned old fireplace in the cabin that works quite well despite the age, and I rarely had to use the services of a chimney sweep since I would burn the creosote sweeping logs every so often to keep the chimney clear. Along with this, I also have a gas furnace was kept at minimal settings. That was mostly so the energy costs weren’t overly expensive. I do have “reliable” transportation, though my car certainly isn’t pretty. I didn’t care about how the automobile looked though, as it got me from A to B. I would just drive to and from work anyway, so for the most part, it seemed I was constantly on survival mode. Honestly, I don’t even mind keeping the temperature control set at minimal heating, as that’s the smart way to ensure you are conserving as much energy as possible over the winter. I do believe I should get a humidifier though, since it would feel warmer due to the increased humidity in my home. They are not terribly expensive to buy or maintain, so maybe that’s the closest I’ll come to “upgrading” my heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

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