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Any website dealing with energy savings will remind you to lower that control unit as much as you can tolerate – in the winter, that is. Saving money on your utility bill in the summer requires raising that control unit setting. That way, you will not have your air conditioning system running all the time like normal! This is such an easy tip, so I’m surprised people still get confused about how to have the control unit set for peculiar seasons! Well, maybe they aren’t confused – just not willing. If you set your control unit higher in the summer and lower in the winter, you will see significant savings on your utility bill! I’ve been seeing a considerable difference in my energy bill with this practice. Many devote mailing lists to energy-saving tips that focus on leaving the thermostat alone, as it can save you one to three percent for each degree you adjust! Air conditioning savings could be even more, if you keep that control unit set higher in the summer. Just think of it like this – the closer your indoor temperature is to the outdoor temperature, the less you’re going to spend on utilities. Another energy-savings tip to help you keep from lowering the control unit is to close the window blinds! You do not want to allow the rays of the sunlight to come into your home, heating it up and causing the air conditioning system to come on. That is an energy-savings tip that you would use in the winter, however, as when it’s cold, those blinds need to be opened up! Mother Nature will help warm you right up at no cost! Another big tip is to program your control unit for following these same instructions. The programmable control unit will recognize your ideal temperature after you set the control unit to your choice. How many friends can you say have a good memory of what you love to do?

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