A new tune-up

Any website dealing with energy savings will remind you to lower that control unit – that’s easy enough, though hard to make yourself commit to it! That is for a winter energy-savings tip, as saving money on your utility bill in the summer requires you to raise that temperature setting and keep it there! That way, you will not have your A/C running all day long without pause. This is such a simple energy-savings tip that I’m surprised people still get confused about it! Where to have the temperature set for summer savings seems to elude the common man. It’s simple: if you set your temperature higher in the summer and lower in the winter, you will see a significant savings on your utility bill! Many websites devoted to offering energy-saving tips claim decreasing the temperature setting will save you a chunk of change for each degree you adjust. Air conditioning savings could legitimately be even more! It just requires you to keep that control component set higher in the summer. Another energy-savings tip to help you keep from lowering the control component is to close the blinds on your windows. You do not want to allow the rays of the sunshine to come into your home, as they’ll heat it up and cause the A/C to come on faster. That is an energy-savings tip that you would use in the winter, however. When it is cold, opening blinds and letting the sunshine in will allow Mother Nature to help warm you up at no additional cost. Another obvious energy-savings tip is to program your thermostat to follow these same guidelines! Well, aside from the blinds – I think you have to just remember to open or close them. At least you won’t have to worry about the thermostat though! The programmable control component will feel your favorite climate control after you set the control component to your choice.

HVAC tune-up