This house is costing so much money

Several times a year, my small family and I pack up the tent and camping gear, and head out to the mountains. We all have been doing this as long as I can remember, and each year it seems to get colder and colder, although it’s possible that we are just getting softer as we all get older. In any event, we are all fed up with camping in the cold.  After years of camping in poorly insulated tents, my family decided to shop around for smaller Class C motorhomes. These are basically sizable vans with a kitchen, living space and a place upon which to sleep. Most pressingly, they have a small self-contained heating and A/C component in them that keeps it at a comfortable temperature no matter what the season may be.  We all ended up finding a nice one at our local RV dealership that was recently traded in, but was only two years old and still had a full warranty on it. The warrant also covered the heating and A/C system, which was good, because having an on demand heated or air conditioned site to camp in was the main reason every one of us wanted an RV to begin with. Finally, once we had obtained it, the RV dealership took a few hours to go over all the features of the inside components with us so everyone knew how everything worked, and lastly, who to call if anyone had an issue with anything. The following weekend we packed our bags and took the RV up to the mountain. My family spent all weekend hiking and doing the things every one of us normally do, but at night the group of us had a nice hot site to sleep in. Now we are all looking forward to even more trips in our cosy home-on-wheels

AC and heat