Updated the HVAC

I live in the state where our motto is ‘Show me’.  I think that may be the reason why I refuse to buy anything that is pushed by a salesman.  I refuse to buy it until they are able to let me try the product out, for myself. I recently got our energy bill.  I couldn’t believe how high it had risen in the last year. I wanted to blame our energy supplier. My partner told me we had a leak in the HVAC upstairs, but I still thought it was the fault of our energy company.  I wanted to appease myself and my partner, so I called the HVAC company. I wanted to find out if there was a way to monitor our home’s energy use and see if it had really risen this much. They told me I needed to have a good internet connection and a password for the WiFi.  The HVAC technician brought all of the equipment he needed. She used the wiring that went to our thermostat and she installed a wireless unit. She showed me how to operate the new thermostat with our Smart Phone or our computer. I can not only monitor the thermostat, but I can also see the energy that is being used in our home.  I can do this from anywhere in the world. The new thermostat will send an alert to my phone, when I need to change the air filters, do annual maintenance and even change the UV lights in our air purifier. I would even received an alert if our home’s temperature exceeded, or went below our given temperature range. Now that I can see how the HVAC system is working, I know that  managing our energy usage, will be a breeze.

MERV Rating