HVAC fan always moving

I know how to follow instruction and I can listen and accomplish a deed when someone gives me the directions.  However, I am not a technology geek. I have no idea what to do when it comes to heating, ventilation, or air conditioning.  I know where to find the furnace and the air conditioner, but don’t ask me to diagnose them. I was playing with the thermostat the other day, trying to change the temperature, and I hit a button that asked me about the fan.  I didn’t know that I could doing anything other than allow the fan to be on all of the time. I didn’t know if this wrong, so I chose to go online and find the answer to this puzzling question. In some instances, I read that it is more energy efficient to leave the fan on all of the time.  It said that when the fan is on, the heating is more evenly distributed. There are fewer cold pockets, which makes for an more comfortable home. It can even prolong the length of the life of the fan, and it can cut down on the amount of dirt in the air. The part that confuses me is that in the summer, you should operate the fan less.  It seems that the heat can get into certain pockets of the house, and it will stay there. This is most especially true for the attic, since heat rises. The dirt in the air becomes more prevalent and you need to worry more about allergies in the summer. Therefore, it seems the fan should be on full time in the winter, but in the summer, it should be operated intermittently.

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