Common cooling issues

For the last five years, I have been working as an Air Conditioning repair technician.  It seems like we always have the same complaints during the summer. Our air conditioning repairs almost triple when the months of June and July come around.  The temperatures are so hot outside. The excess heat of summer can cause several problems to occur that cause the need for an air conditioning repair expert. Normally, the repair is nothing more than bad contactors or bad capacitors.  There is so much energy that flows through your air conditioning unit, that a twenty degree change in the heat index, becomes a huge deal. This can cause adverse effects to your air conditioning. I fix an average of two capacitors per week, during the hottest part of summer.  Another big concern for your AC is the fan motor. Since the fan in behind the air conditioner where the heat is extreme, this is another common thing to need repaired. The fan can be a bit more costly to repair, costing over $400 at times. The biggest concern that homeowners have is when their compressor quits working.  The compressor is such an important part of the air conditioner, that it compares to the engine of a car. The Ac system is not able to work if the compressor goes out. If the compressor dies, then you need to buy a whole new air conditioner. The fractional amount more to replace the entire AC unit over repairing or replacing the compressor, makes it simpler to just put in a brand AC unit.  /That is when we also suggest you just buy an AC unit with a higher SEER rating.

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