Too hot to relax

I had heard that when you go to a spa, it is supposed to relax you and help you to feel better with your body and your life. I was thrilled when my sister invited me to go away for a weekend at a new spa. Her boss had given her a gift certificate for a weekend trip for two, for a job she had done. When we walked through the doors, we were stunned by the elegance of the spa. We were also a bit floored by the heat in the spa. It was so warm that I thought I was going to pass out from all of the heat. I was glad that it was cooler in our suite. The air conditioning was working well in the room and we couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t as cool in the lobby. We had our massage scheduled for right before dinner and we put on our sweat suits and headed downstairs. We walked into the massage room and it was hotter than the lobby. I was sweating under the sheet and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I asked the masseuse if she couldn’t turn down the thermostat. I needed air conditioning and not heating. The masseuse apologized and she adjusted the thermostat so it wasn’t so hot. I was finally able to relax. I asked her why the spa was so hot and she told me that the added warmth was there to help the clients relax. When you were warm, your muscles relaxed, so they didn’t turn the air conditioning on unless it was requested. I told my sister that we had to request the air conditioning at the same time she was telling me.


HVAC professional