I thought I should be able to replace just a part of the AC unit

My home town sees a large amount of severe thunderstorms every year. We aren’t in tornado alley but we are close. Those terrifying storms are something we put up with each year. You could be having a relaxing day and in minutes everything you know and have loved for your entire life is swept away in an instant. It’s devastating to see the wreckage on the local news. People you knew in school standing in front of rubble, in tears. All they can do is just shuffle through the rubble that was their homes only minutes before. The best warning you get is hearing the loud siren go off in your area. When you hear the siren, you have only a few minutes at best to gather your family and pets before rushing into the storm shelter. I try to open some windows so the pressure can equalize, making it less likely that your home explodes from the pressure. You pray you don’t get hit with flying debris.. Last year, we had an F4 tornado that blew through our town, destroying almost everything in its path. We had a tree fall and it barely missed my roof by about six inches. It demolished my outdoor AC unit.. The AC unit is not a cheap item to replace, and you can’t just replace the outdoor unit. You must have matching air handlers and condensers for the AC to work properly. I was glad that I wasn’t replacing a house but just an AC system. I felt we got off very easy last year.
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