This project means a lot to me

I prepare dishes as a cook at a steakhouse. I’m not a world class gourmet chef, but I enjoy making people happy with simple, yet great tasting dishes. My hours are pretty chill as well. My work schedule is five to midnight, so I get the morning and afternoons to myself. The work environment is good too, because I get along with the other cooks so well. We all are professional about our work, and we have a good time as well. Being as we are a more upscale restaurant in town, it’s also a treat when we get to eat or take home some of the food we make. However, there was one week that was the roughest I could remember because the air conditioner had to be shut off in the kitchen prep area. The kitchen is kind of small when we are all stuffed in there, and without any kind of air conditioner, the cooking can make things very hot. We began to murmur that our boss was getting cheap on us to bring down the energy bill. We supposed he figured that, if only ran the A/C every now and then, he could save a bit more money. It turns out there were just complications with the A/C functioning right. Until a service technician could come out and assess and solve the problem, he had to limit how much it was running. He thought he might have to shut the whole restaurant down if he could not provide A/C to customers on super hot days. In the end, we held our tongues, and just hoped whoever was supposed to fix the HVAC equipment would hurry up and come out already.

temperature control system