I am staying so warm

It turns out one of the cheapest ways to heat the entirety of a house, without having to compromise in personal comfort is electric baseboard heating. I was speaking with a friend of mine who was renovating his home, and found out that sometimes the old-fashioned ways really are the best. His home is an place that came equipped with this decades old heat pump. This unit fails to heat a home when the temperature plummets below 40 degrees. There is no use for it for my friend then, since our winters are typically below 40 degrees and can last half the year and sometimes even longer. Though heat pumps have evolved since this basic model was installed, he still loathes the thought of getting a whole new one. Besides, heat pumps are not cheap at all, and he’s trying to keep a tight budget. So, he discovered the easiest way to update the home’s central heating system was just to entirely remove the old heat pump and instead install electric baseboard heating. This is a type of electric furnace that is just baseboard heating that heats from a coil within. Because of the manner of the electric baseboard method, my friend can divide the home into many separate HVAC zone controls, because each baseboard just heats one room.  This accommodates individual room HVAC settings, and installing is cheap because you don’t need to lay out pipe or use ductwork.

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