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Adults have a lot on their plate in life. We take care of our things, because it would be too expensive to simply buy another. Airliners take this fact for granted. They make sure their planes receive proper service, so they don’t have to replace the entire plane hardly ever. Considering how awful it would be if a plane malfunctioned, it’s certainly comforting knowing that such things can actually work very reliably if they are regularly worked on. When it comes to your HVAC equipment, you need to perform certain tasks to ensure the longevity of its life. There are many aspects to consider in doing this. The simplest thing you can do is replace your air filters when they require changing out. For most homes, it’s best to change the HVAC system’s air filter every ninety days. However, the rate for changing one’s air filter can be different based on frequency of use. As an example, if one’s home is used as a vacation home and only lived in for a few months a year, they can get away with changing it as little as annually. On the other side of things, if one has a pet who sheds all sorts of dander, it is recommended to change one’s air filter once every two months. Furthermore, if one has many different pets they should change their air filter nearly every month to prevent the system from being clogged with fur. Following these guidelines in HVAC maintenance is a great first start in ensuring your heating and cooling system will operate at peak performance for many years to come.

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