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Any website dealing with energy savings will remind you to lower that temperature control unit as much as you’re willing to tolerate. That is a solid tip for wintertime energy-savings, but in order to save currency on your utility bill in the summer, you will want to raise that temperature control setting to a warmer setting than most will deal with! That way, you will not have your A/C running all the time and racking up hefty power bills. This is such a simple and effective energy-savings tip, so I am surprised people still get confused where to have the temperature control set for different seasons! If you set your temperature control higher in the summer and lower in the winter, you will see a significant savings on your utility bill. That’s all there is to it! Many websites devoted to offering energy-saving tips estimate that increasing the temperature control accordingly will reduce metered costs. Air conditioning could easily be one of the most expensive bills for a household, if they keep that temperature control set too low in the summer! Another energy-savings tip to help you keep from lowering the temperature control is to close the window blinds. You do not want to allow the sunshine to come into your home, causing it to heat up and the A/C to come on as a result. That is an energy-savings tip that you would use in the winter, but when it is cold, open those blinds to let the sunshine in and warm the place up! Mother Nature will help to warm you up accordingly, and it’s free! Another obvious energy-savings tip is to program your temperature control to follow these same instructions. The programmable temperature control will learn your favored thermostat settings after you set the temperature control to your ideal setting.

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