They promised me something different

I know that I will never forget to change our air filter again! This is because I just signed up for new text notifications because I always have my iPhone in my hand – so having a text sent to me reminding me to change the filter is the best way for me to remember this dyer HVAC preventative maintenance.  I know that the air filter in our HVAC unit is the primal part of preventing poor indoor air quality. The way a normal HVAC works is that all of the air circulates through that one air filter many times daily. A good air filter removes most dust, particles and pet dander, not to mention invisible microscopic stuff that I don’t want floating around us.  A filthy air filter can actually make our indoor air conditions worse, so I had better make sure that I react when I get our reminder to change that air conditioning system filter, that I do it right away. That important reminder to change our air filter will be needed constantly. My partner and I have recently been blessed with a beautiful baby boy and we want to ensure we take the best care of him, and having quality air conditions is a good start. I stay home with him right now, and we don’t ever want him to get sick so when we first found out I was pregnant, my partner called an HVAC cleaning company right away to have them clean our ductwork in our house.  We both also brought in several small house plants as well to ensure more clean air conditions.

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