That breeze felt amazing

A good friend of mine owns an auto repair shop. I called him up to tell him that I was experiencing some problems with my climate control in my car and he said to bring it to the shop early the next day. He wanted to get my vehicle in there as early as possible so I didn’t have to wait in line with everybody else who brings their cars in needing repairs. He said that my repair would be quick and easy – I wasn’t sure if I believed him, but I still went there early just as he asked. I swear it took him under 10 minutes to fix the problem and then he was done. I was pleasantly surprised and said, “Did you really fix my air conditioning system that quickly?” He explained that it was as easy as he said but I was a little hesitant so I went to turn on the air conditioning system and sure enough, the air from the cooling vents was nice and cold! I told my friend that he was awesome and asked him how much I owed him for the repair. He didn’t even charge me that much and told me that’s what friends are for! He is the best kind of friend to have and I definitely owe him for this! The week after, I invited him over for dinner and drinks – my wife cooked up some delicious dinner and we ate away! I supplied all the drinks and insisted that he didn’t have to bring a thing but himself. He told us that we too were fantastic friends to have and I told him that’s what friends are for!

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