The oil furnace breaks down at my church

I am a pretty faithful churchgoer.

  • I love my church community and some of my best friends attend my church.

I would say that our church is not small, but maybe medium-sized. We have a wide variety of age groups and our numbers grow slowly but steadily. There is a core of church members that are faithful to come out every Sunday no matter what. However, the winter weather is the hardest on us when it comes to being able to meet on Sunday mornings. We really had to rely on our old oil furnace to keep us warm during services where there was heavy snow and or the temperatures outside were far below freezing. A couple weeks into last January, the oil furnace actually gave out on us. We knew that the forecast dictated that winter weather was only going to get worse from there, so church services were going to be practically impossible without a working furnace. We collected an emergency offering to get the furnace up and running. All told, we had to skip two services while funds were being raised for a new furnace and it was being installed. Finally, when the next Sunday rolled around, the furnace was all ready to go. I guess we had all gotten used to the poor quality of the old oil furnace. I say that because the new gas furnace made the church feel really nice and toasty! There were no more cold spots or drafts and we were able to continue to have Sunday services throughout the rest of the winter.

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