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When my gas furnace was having some issue, I decided to ask my friend Lucien to evaluate the problem. Lucien has been working in the Heating as well as A/C business for a long time. Lucien as well as I went to high school together. After school, I went into the military as well as Lucien went to trade university. Lucien is certified in the Heating as well as A/C, as well as works for a nearby Heating as well as A/C dealer. I always call Lucien when my wife as well as I are having Heating as well as A/C problems. Sadly, Lucien has been honestly stressed at work. My buddy hasn’t had much time to come to the home as well as look at our gas heater. My buddy was going to come over last month, but was too busy. Then, he was going to come by on Tuesday night, but he got tied up again. I suppose my friend is trying hard, but the temperatures are getting colder as each afternoon passes. My wife as well as I are going to call a city Heating as well as A/C dealer. She is going to call in the early part of the day, as well as hopefully they will be able to fit us in for an appointment. I am going to call Lucien later today, as well as tell him of our choice. I have no idea what concerns are occurring with our gas heater, but hopefully someone will be able to remedy the heater repair for us.

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