I did everything

When my gas heater was having some trouble, I decided to ask my friend Remy to evaluate the problem… Remy has been particularly working in the Heater and A/C world for a long time. Remy and I went to elementary school together. After that school, I went into the marines and Remy went to the local state school. Remy is certified in the Heating and AC, and works for a local Heating and AC dealer. I always call my friend when my partner and I are having Heating and A/C complications. Unfortunately, my friend has been very busy at work. He hasn’t had much availability to come to the home and look at our gas furnace. Remy was going to come over last month, but his child got really sick and had to go to the hospital. Then, Remy was going to come by on Monday night, but his partner had to task late. I believe Remy is trying hard, but the temperatures are getting worse as each day passes. My partner and I are going to contact a neighborhood Heating and AC dealer instead now. My partner is going to call in the morning, and hopefully they will be able to fit us in for something. I’m going to call my friend later this week, and tell him of our decision and hope he does not get mad at me. I have no plan what complications are occurring with our gas heater, but hopefully someone will be able to remedy the problem soon.

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