The HVAC logo was messed up

The local HVAC company hired a local office supply store to print up some flyers and other advertising materials; We chose the logo as well as design, as well as sent them all of the print material; The first review came in last week, and we approved the flyers. They were sent to the office yesterday and everything looked great. This day we received the big banners for outside, as well as the price was wrong. The price is regular on the flyers, so I don’t understand the confusion. The banner was to advertise an HVAC tune-up special for 49.95… Our Heating & A/C company is slow while it was Spring, as well as we wanted to advertise the special to boost our Spring sales… Instead of giant  bold, red letters screaming 49.95, the sign says 94.95; Not a single person is going to call us at that price. The average Heating & A/C repair call fee is much less than that price. I already called the printer as well as told them about the problem! Unfortunately, it’s going to take another 5 days to a week to get the advertising banners back. That’s five days or more of advertising that we lose, because the printing company was wrong. I’m particularly irritated as well as I don’t get how a big mistake like this could slip through the cracks. I told the printing company that I would not pay for the banners, now that I have to wait an extra week. The next time we need to have banners as well as flyers made, I am going to hire a whole different corporation. I thought it would be best to go with a giant  corporation, but maybe a small contractor would most likely give better service.

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