Central heating and air conditioning

My sister I had a unquestionably rough life, until both of us were adopted, we lived with our mom, and we still do not know our dad. My Dad had a problem with alcohol and drug abuse, which led the state to take us when both of us were ten. My sister and I were frightened, when they took us from the house into foster care, but little did we know, it would be the best change of our entire life. We lived with a charming Foster family; There was always food in the refrigerator, and we could eat whenever both of us wanted to, but all of us always had clean clothes, and our foster family made sure that the 2 of us made the choice to go to school everyday. My sister and I shared a bedroom, but both of us had bunk beds. All of us had plenty of books as well as toys, plus both of us were safe as well as comfortable… Our foster family lived in a unquestionably nice lake house with central heat and air conditioning. We both had never lived in a lake house with central heat and air conditioning! Until the both of us joined the Foster family, the both of us were residing in and out of shelters, however sometimes both of us also slept in the car, even if the outdoor hot and cold temperatures were below zero. We all didn’t even have a space gas furnace or heater on those days. My sister and I flourished in the foster home, then eventually, our foster parents decided to adopt my sister and I. All of us still see our birth parents from time to time, but they don’t support us.