Getting a ductless mini split

When I was still in college, I was working at a job for this paper company in their distribution warehouse, it was fairly small, with shelves only about twenty feet high, and you’d guess it would be fairly cool in a printing paper place, but it wasn’t! If anything, the owners of the warehouse must’ve thought that paper could be kept in temperatures warmer than the lower cooking settings for an oven! From the first day working, I couldn’t imagine how hot it was inside that warehouse… Sure, the lack of air conditioning and intense physical requirements of it allowed me to lose a considerable amount of weight – but it came with a price! I had to bring a small backpack that came with a reservoir of water, and a drinking straw that connected directly to the water pack. Thankfully, the owners of the place had a few of the other warehouse workers complain enough, and so they invested in several ductless mini-split systems that would help to cool down the warehouse space. These worked in conjunction with big industrial-sized fans that were positioned high on the walls, just under the ceiling. These fans were blowing outside, with the intention to pull hot air from inside the warehouse out and into the outdoor airspace. The several new components of our facility’s air conditioning unit made a world of a difference! I couldn’t imagine how much cooler it was in the warehouse, and that it was being cooled by only a few of these ductless mini-split systems… I think it’s a nice thing every single one of us all complained, since air quality here has dramatically improved as a result! Horray!

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