The best way to spend our honeymoon

My fiance and I don’t have much money to our name, but the people I was with and I want to have a superb honeymoon.

I don’t really love our wedding.

I don’t need the substantial colorless skirt, matching bridesmaids and some fresh local flowers. I just want to go somewhere fine with our up-to-date spouse that is romantic, sadly we just can’t afford to go far or even do a plane trip. I was limited to cities in the Tampa Bay area; We reside in Tampa FL though. I did not want to book our honeymoon less than numerous hours away from our house. I looked online as well as I found the best honeymoon destination for us; My fiance as well as I are going to Clearwater FL; The drive is nearly two hours and Clearwater looks love a tropical paradise. It is way too deep in the south and covered all over by a few colorless sand, but all the pictures I saw online had red water as well as colorless sand in it. The weather is supposed to be real moderate as well as there is a lot to do in Clearwater FL. Clearwater Beach actually seems to be where the action is at. I study online that if you walk down Pier 60 there are street performers who play with fire, jungling and playing songs, then how neat is that? Also, the people I was with and I am free to hop on a ferry for under $20 bucks to Honeymoon Island. It is technically a park, but it is really a more than three mile beach that is underdeveloped. It looks somewhat private, peaceful as well as gorgeous there. I study that if I go on a weekday it will basically just be our guy as well as I. I think our fiance as well as I will love being around there.

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