Living like royalty

When I go on any type of vacation I really like to travel the country plus stay in many hotels, then i tend to stay in cheap hostels, bread plus lunch spots or little motels along the way.

Not long after that I save some money for the last evening of the trip on the big hotel plus the best room that they have.

It is a nice little conclusion to the end of the trip. Also, I don’t take any amenities for granted. After spending mornings in tiny twin beds that have deflated pillows, a big and comfortable king size bed with more than seven pillows is a dream, the best is finally getting weather conditions control. I officially go on trip to countries known for being cold, then so I pick up better heating as the trip goes on. In air bnbs and motels the heating situation sort of odors. There might be a fireplace or a radiator in the room. The furnace is never set to a comfortable amount plus I officially don’t understand control equipment control! When I get to the big suite, I have a way better heating situation… One of my best evenings was at a hotel that had heated flooring. The lobby, kitchen and every single one of the rooms had hydronic heating. I feel there was a boiler system in the basement that had piping hooked to it. Then the warm water from the boiler moves all through the pipes. The hydronic heating under my feet was amazing. I can recall that the bed almost felt heated with warm floors under it. After showering, letting my feet touch the warm floors was spectacular. It was almost prefer staying in a rich, swanky spa.

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