I don’t mind working at a law firm

A year ago, I lost my job position! I was working in a government office, and they decided to shut down the building permanently.

I spent 25 years of my life working in that locale, however the retirement package was not spectacular. I realized that I would have to find another work position immediately. I received unemployment for numerous weeks, however it was difficult to find a nice work position. I found a temp service that ended up placing me as a housekeeper. The money wasn’t luxurious, however at least I was indoors with the air conditioning machine. I worked in a hotel for a few weeks, and after that I was able to find a reasonable job. I am finally working in a law office, and I have been here for the past six weeks. The lawyers are absolutely kind and respectful and they do not make myself and others feel like lowly servants. I work in the office all day from 8 a.m in the morning hours until the afternoon. I typically empty garbage cans, clean the employee’s lounge, dust, and vacuum. There are also times when I spend the day in the shredder room getting rid of documents and paperwork that happen to have sensitive information. I find plenty of things I like to do, so I stay tied up throughout the whole day! A lot of my friends are stuck outdoors or in an unusual environment. When I was assigned to the law office, I sincerely thought that people would be stuck up and snobby. Most of the people in this law firm however are undoubtedly personable and likeable. I am not shocked in the least that the office is constantly tied up with appointments. If I needed a lawyer for any reason, I would undoubtedly reach out to anyone of these nice people.

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