Over preparation can lead to trouble

When it comes to preparing for the future, we all can agree that it is important.

Living spur of the moment or day to day can be stressful in many cases and knowing what the next step is can bring order to almost any situation.

There is a point where preparing for that future or what may happen can become a problem. It can become all consuming and take over so much of your life that you forget to enjoy the here and now. This is the case with my husband. Each Summer he spends endless hours chopping wood, stacking it in the barn, and making sure we have an overabundance of firewood. He also orders HVAC filters in bulk and then tries to store them in the spare bedroom. It is like he thinks that they will stop making them and the HVAC system will fail on us. He is so obsessed with preparing for the next winter season that he doesn’t even enjoy the Summer with the rest of the family. Don’t get me wrong, it is comforting to know that the family will be warm all Winter but we would like to have him join us sometimes on our Summer outings. It has even caused disagreements from time to time. I really wish he would just make arrangements to have the firewood delivered and stacked, and have the HVAC dealer worry about supplying the filters when we need them. I think his stress level would be much less too. Maybe I will look into the cost of it and then present my case to him again in a few weeks.

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