Not easy adjusting to the summers in the South

The peak of Summer in the South can be downright sizzling.

  • For those who aren’t familiar with it, it can be a serious rude awakening.

I remember my first Summer in this area. It was crazy how sizzling it could get down here. I had lived out west for a bit so had some idea of heat. But, nothing could have prepared me for the combination of high temperatures mixed with ultra high humidity. I was bewildered in the very beginning. All I could do was turn the HVAC machine down lower and lower. My first energy bill cured me of doing that. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that I needed to do more to help my HVAC machine cool my house. My first step was to seal up the residence. I filled every crack and updated all the weatherstripping I could locate. Much of it had been damaged by the sun. I went online to purchase some heavy dark curtains to pull over my windows while I was at my place of employment. I was surprised at how much just eliminating the direct sun heating did to cool things in the residence. So, for the windows which get direct sun all afternoon, I installed some solar blocking film for that. This stuff worked great at preventing heat. Lastly, I installed a smart thermostat. It’s the best. The thing has completely learned my patterns so it adjusts the temperature the way I like it. The temperature goes up while I’m at my place of employment. Then, as I am headed home the thermostat begins cooling the residence down. When I get home the residence is nice and cool. The Summer is still a taxing thing to deal with. But, at least my HVAC machine is working overtime and the utility bill is more fair.

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