My view was obstructed by new construction.

I simply love living in the heart of the city.

There is a constant vibe in the air that just makes it seem alive.

Even in the wee hours of the morning you can still hear voices and sometimes music in the air. I have a really cute flat on the east side of town and it is in an artsy neighborhood. There are always various artisans, musicians, and street vendors around which makes for very relaxing strolls through the city. Unfortunately a development group has purchased a few of the older buildings and they are in the process of either renovating them or replacing them. I am all for reusing or repurposing an old building into residential units but unfortunately the building next to ours could not be saved and it was torn down. They are now in the process of building a multi-purpose building which will have apartments on the top and retail space on the bottom and there is one major problem with that, the building will be taller than mine and I will no longer have my view outside the window. In fact, it is exactly one Storyteller and I will have a building to look at and the constant noise of the large HVAC units on top of it to listen to. They brought in a crane last week to bring the large units up to the roof and I cannot believe how massive they are. I can only imagine the noise that they will put off 24/7 and it will make living in my apartment almost unbearable. I will no longer be able to leave my windows open and listen to the sounds coming from the street below and that makes me sad. When my lease is up I will definitely be looking for a new place to live because I don’t relish the thought of looking out at a brick wall and listening to the drone of the motors all the time.

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