My parents were a little bit stingy with the A/C settings

I remember the good old summer times as a kid.

I spent a lot of time playing with my friends outside, but I also spent a lot of time going to the library.

Honestly, people asked me if I was trying to set a world record for time spent at the library. I would try to go for a little while every day because the library was only a 15 minute walk from where I was living. I always loved when I would step inside because there was that familiar smell of books with countless stories and knowledge. Also the air quality was always wonderful and the temperature control settings were fantastic. Back at home, I could never hope to have the A/C system cranked up, but at the library they had the A/C level just right. From the moment I first read a book there in the library, I was hooked and I always go back to read numerous books. The ones that I was not able to finish reading I would just check out. Of course, it wasn’t the same reading those books at home because sometimes I would feel overheated in my bedroom. At least it was never too cold in the winter because not only did we have a nice gas furnace but we also had a fireplace that we would use. I thought that was a smart move for my parents to have multiple sources of heating in the winter, but I just wished that they weren’t so stingy on the A/C in the hot season.



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