My fiance is going to love his new present

I met my fiance in the grocery store.

At the time, I didn’t suppose that he was so wealthy.

We ended up dating a few times, before he told me that he owns a lot of real estate. I certainly was surprised, shocked, plus a little disappointed that he didn’t tell me sooner. The first time we opted to go away for the weekend, he took me by helicopter to The Vineyards. It was a single one of the most amazing weekends of my entire life. We dated for roughly six months, before he asked me to be his fiance. We’ve been engaged for a few months now, plus I have been working on the most perfect engagement present. I talked to his mom plus dad plus a bunch of his friends, plus I got a few ideas. Bobby is seriously wealthy, so it’s strenuous to buy him presents he will like. I honestly wanted to find something extremely special that matched the lovely ring that he provided me. I found out that Bobby has always wanted an Acura NSX. This car is honestly very difficult to find around here, plus Bobby has never taken the time to meet with a Japanese domestic market importer! My best friend plus I decided to go to the city for the weekend, plus we were looking at Japanese domestic vehicles the entire time. It was a little boring, but I came across a lot of information. There are only a few JDM importers in our region, but I met with all of them. I found a beautiful white Acura NSX with only 46,000 Mi. Bobby is going to be totally surprised when the car is delivered next month.


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