I’m going to need some training

I can easily admit that my expertise of bees is somewhat limited; The only thing I totally know is what I saw in The Secret Life of Bees.

The movie contains a family of beekeepers that has honey for sale, and you get to watch the local beekeeper dress in the real outfit that we all use, use soothing mist and handle the bees, but what was cool is that you get to see the shed where all the honey was placed for safekeeping. The golden honey was in peculiar sized glass jars and just looked great to me. I have done a small bit of research on honey keeping and it has me wondering about how the women got all those bees, then more than likely a bee rescue and relocation dealer would email the main person as the local beekeeper. They could be able to remove honeybees, wasps, orange jackets all peculiar kinds from a person’s home and then want to know if the beekeeper wants them! Due to the fact that their profession deals with honey sales, the beekeeper would then take the bees and lock them up in a hive box, and once in a while the beekeeper then would remove the bees from the box and remove all of the honey. The honey is then jarred and then for sale. In the movie they don’t unquestionably touch up on the beginning to the bees, but I bet that is how it is taken care of. I know the movie is based on a book, I’m sure they go into more detail with that. What I found identifiably amazing is that the beekeeper had naked hands handling the bees. Was the reason for this because removing the screen from the hive box is difficult?

Bee Extermination