Living up north with no heating in the car is seriously awful. How can anyone do it?

No heating system in the car is probably a fate worse than death.

See, it’s entirely one of the worst things that you can do for yourself! When I bought this car, I wanted to buy a super cheap motorcar.

If it would last me for about a year before I could afford to purchase another car, that would’ve been perfect for me. Of course, the car had a running motor, but there was tons of cosmetic troubles. On top of that, Another main concern with the motorcar was that it had no heating system! See, last owner had bypassed the heating proposal because it was blowing antifreeze on the windows whenever the gas furnace was supposed to be running. I don’t even understand how such a thing came to pass, but it did! I didn’t realize this when I bought the car, seeing as it was the middle of Summer and I didn’t think to check the heating system out when I bought the car! I already knew that the air conditioner didn’t work too, though I thought nothing of the heating system! However, when the hot plus cold temperatures started getting cooler, I decided to adjust the control unit to see if I could assume some heat. Sure enough, the gas furnace started blowing, but it was only blowing cold air! I live in the north, where furnaces are a way of life, so it was critical that we got this heating system fixed up and ready to go! From that point on, I had to learn how to take measures to ensure that our motorcar was ready for the Winter season without a heating system. I bought a sleeping bag that I could place on the windshield since I had no defrost heater.

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