It’s confusing learning the levels of temporary housing

I am still legitimately new at this job. I particularly enjoy it but I am still a bit overwhelmed by it all. This is my first job out of university, so I have all the information but none of the actual experience, so I am studying a lot every single day. I am studying too much every day, actually, so I keep a notebook with me to jot down notes every chance that I get. I am grateful that my boss is being cool plus understands about the overall learning curve involved with modern jobs, but especially with this one, because the world of arranging temporary housing plus travel plans for a contractor this size is overwhelming. They want me eventually to be fully in charge of all the temporary housing arrangements for a majority of the people, plus my boss will hire another lady to handle travel arrangements… So far I have learned that particular employees qualify for corporate housing while on the road, but there are various levels. Every one of us have the familiar short term condo rentals plus furnished condo rentals, but that is just the most basic level… For the VIPs who work in the corporate office the people I was with and I rent corporate suites, which are a whole lot bigger plus have more amenities. For the top tier people in the dealer, plus for visiting people the people I was with and I are trying to impress, there is executive housing, which is pretty much renting out mansions! It is not always easy to tell which particular person gets which level of corporate housing, plus in a contractor with so many employees in multiple countries, it can be incredibly confusing!

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