My father had an excellent business idea with bees

I remember as a young kid being afraid of bees, plus my father telling myself and others about how fantastic they were! According to him, the entire world was a better place because of them, plus they alone kept nature looking so lively plus vibrant.

He was basically a nut on the subject, it turns out, plus before I entered school he started keeping a number of hives on our property.

Do you know the type of set up in outdated wooden dressers, with little honeycombs in every drawer? Just like that, plus by the time I graduated school he had over 12 bee hives that he tended all the time. It started as a passion of his, but Dad was pretty smart plus ended up finding a way to make a good amount of cash off of the bees. He wasn’t just selling honey, I came to learn, but he was making his own brand of honey to sell online to tons of people. This was a pretty darned savvy move for my old man, but his honey for sale was moving fast. He was a writer in his younger days, plus he still had a way with words so he claimed that his honey was the best plus the sweetest. I personally thought the honey tasted pretty much like any type of honey I had ever tasted, but people seemed to care about it quite a bit. He wants myself and others to learn how to work with the bees, so the bunch of us can work together plus expand the business. I do care about the whole idea of joining the business with him, but on the other hand, I’m still not very comfortable with bees.



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