I’m pleased with my local printing service that allows me to share artwork

Thanks to new technology an artist has more options than ever, but that does not mean that it is incredibly easy.

When you are an artist, trying to make a decent living on your artistic ability, you have a very challenging road ahead of you.

Millions of people have talents, but a very small percentage actually put in the work needed to take advantage of those talents… I am a painter plus a graphic designer, plus art has been my ultimate dream for years, so I treat it basically like a full time job. At first I figured I could generate my own art prints, but have come to realize that a printing service is way better than using a house printer. At a commercial printing service I get top flight detail plus sharpness to prints of my artwork, plus I can have them blown up into posters without losing any of that sharpness. Someone provided myself and others the smart idea to make buttons plus badges as well, which requires a laminating service, however I can take care of that at the very same business. I have dealt with this same commercial printer for so many years now that I have an open account plus they still print for myself and others even if I am unable to pay that day. I have done quite a bit of research about commercial printers plus laminators, plus the cost I would have to pay makes it an untenable idea. Even the most ancient plus cheapest used equipment costs more than I spend at the printers in a whole year, so I will just keep on doing this.