It was the space heater that caused the fire

They never really figured out what had caused the fire, but I knew

I never thought things through when I was a kid, but there was one time I wish I had. It was a cool day and I was about thirteen. I was home alone for a couple of hours and I wanted to go out to my treehouse. I didn’t spend a lot of time in the treehouse, now that I had gotten older. I grabbed my dad’s space heater and I went to the treehouse. The tree was right outside the house and I remembered how I could sit there and look into the living room. I was in the treehouse reading and enjoying the heat coming from the space heater. My mom got home from work first and she told me it was time to come into the house. I was going to come back and I forgot to turn off the space heater. After dinner, I went to get my shower and I laid down on my bed. I must have fallen asleep because my dad was rousing me out of bed around midnight. The back of the house was on fire and the tree was burning. We ran out of the house and mom called the fire company. When the fire was out, our home was destroyed and the treehouse had burnt down. They never really figured out what had caused the fire, but I knew. I had left the space heater running and it must have malfunctioned. I had an old fabric chair that was sitting right next to the space heater. Because of me and the space heater, our home was destroyed

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