It was a cold day in the south

We don’t get a lot of cold days in the winter, here where I live.

A couple of years ago, we had a couple of nights where the temperatures dropped down into the thirties and people panicked. Most of the people in our area don’t have a heating unit in their homes. Many of them wouldn’t know what to do with a furnace. I don’t even know of any HVAC companies that have someone who can service a furnace. When the temperatures dropped, those who didn’t have any heating, were rushing to the stores, hoping to find some kind of space heater. There are pros and cons of living in a tropical area. You don’t need to have a lot of heavy clothing on hand. The winters are mild so we don’t even have a lot of need for heating either. What we do need is good air conditioning for the summer. It is always humid in our area, we also need dehumidifiers to keep the extreme moisture out of our homes. Without the dehumidifier, we are subjected to mold and mildew, which can be quite dangerous. With the expected cold snap, most people were remembering the nights without any heating. There were some people who even went to shelters that week, because they didn’t have a furnace and they couldn’t afford a space heater. This time, people were getting ready before the cold hit. I thought that I would just tough it out and with the help of blankets, I would survive the cold. After all, come late morning, the temperatures were supposed to rebound into the seventies.

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