It is very warm in here

When my baby joined the military, I knew he would have a difficult time adjusting to the new environment. He was a total mama’s boy, and he never actually liked being too far away from home. He didn’t want to go college or university, and neither did he show interest in any specific trade. He thought he could learn a skill while in training, and still save some money for the future. Perhaps he would change his mind and go to college after all. I tried to keep him home, but kids will eventually leave home! My child graduated from boot camp a few weeks ago. Now, he is stuck on the other side of the country. He is 1500 miles away from home, which seems like forever away, but Jim calls the apartment every day, and he sounds sad and unhappy. He hasn’t made enough friends, because he often prefers his own company. Jim has been very homesick, especially since the weather has been colder. Jim has never experienced frigid or icy temperatures, because all of us live in a tropical temperature. Jim misses being home, and he is very cold. Last week, I decided to send my boy a care package. I included my famous brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I also sent Jim a small personal heater. It’s only 49 square inches, but the oil furnace should supply enough warmth to Jim, even though the small oil furnace, as well as brownies, will not make things better, I hope he remembers how much I love him. I know he will get the personal oil furnace as well as cookies, the day after tomorrow or four days from today, the mail seems to take ages, when the military postal is involved.