We were renting the house

My partner and I met five years ago, when we were both working at the local grocery store. My partner was a cashier. I remember I used to make excuses to leave the butcher station, just so I could talk to her. It took me a few months of courage, before I could finally ask her out on a date. We dated for a couple of years, before I decided to move in with her. The lease on her house was up, while I was renting a house. It made a lot of sense for her to move into my house, instead of finding a new place together. I already had too much furniture, still, my partner made herself at home. After a few months, she noticed a lot of air quality problems. Her iPad plus office was set up in the spare room, where there was hardly any indoor air flow at all; other areas in the house were terrible as well. The lavatory had zero air flow, even when the Heating and Air Conditioning unit was up and running. The living room air vents seemed to have, honestly, little air flow as well. She thought the air quality should be better than what we had. That’s when she decided to call her friend Shawn. Shawn works for a reputable air conditioning replacement supplier. She asked Shawn to come by and take a look at the house. Shawn noticed the decreased airflow instantly too, plus thought the problem was in our HVAC duct! He went into the attic, where he found a piece of ductwork completely separated. The separated piece of ductwork was between the living room and the spare room. The detached HVAC duct was the reason why we had decreased airflow plus awful air quality. It only took her friend less than an hour to sort out the problem.

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