It is now officially a pain in my butt.

I have decided that I will never accept a borrowed item, again.

Last year, we borrowed my aunt’s spare air conditioner while we were waiting to get the new air conditioning unit installed.

We only needed it for a week, but a year later, it is still being stored in my house. I was going to sell it in a yard sale, but my wife reminded me it didn’t belong to us. She talked me out of putting it out for sale. I told my aunt I was bringing it back, but she said she didn’t have a space for it at the moment. A year later, and I am still walking around it. It is sitting on the floor in the room that is about to become a nursery. I’m not even sure what I am going to do with it if she doesn’t either allow me to bring it back to her house, or she comes to pick it up. I tried to tell her that I need the space in the nursery, but she wasn’t listening to me. She told me to just hold it for her. I was thinking I may be able to put it in the attic. If we ever have need of a window air conditioning unit, it would be up there. Then again, if it is in the attic, it is going to be hard to get to, and it could get destroyed from the heat and humidity, and the extreme cold in the winter. I should just take it to my aunt’s house and put it on her patio. Then I don’t have to worry about having the air conditioning in the way of my working in the nursery.


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