I really like the space heater.

When I moved into my home, I knew I had some problems with the HVAC system.

The furnace wasn’t big enough to heat the entire house.

I knew that eventually I was going to need to purchase a new furnace, but I had to save up the money first. My bedroom was so cold that I couldn’t stand to be in there, so I bought a space heater. That heater was the only thing that kept me from freezing to death that first winter. There was no way I could get rid of the space heater after getting the new furnace installed. My husband is now looking at me like I have some kind of psychiatric problem. I have an entire room that I store items in that give me some kind of emotional attachment to. The space heater was the first thing that went in, but there is a toaster, a lamp, and even an old apartment refrigerator. Most of the items don’t work, but I can’t bear to part with them. The space heater became very important to me. It was the first thing that I bought for my home. My furniture wasn’t given to me since most of it came from my bedroom at home. My dishes were a gift, and they now sit in my ‘shrine’ room as my new husband calls it. I tried to explain that they are so much emotional attachments as they are related to important memories. Maybe I do need a psychiatrist, but I’m sure he’ll tell me that I am fine. I just don’t want to throw away my space heater or the other items I have in that room.


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